Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bees at Binham

Binham, St Mary: Ragged Ramble, 19th May 2010... 
(Ramblers present: Glennoritus, Munro Tweeder-Harris Esq., Lorenzo, Doc Ricardo)

At one point during our visit, there was a moment of drama as Doc Ricardo shouted in alarm, 
"Watch out Antiquarians, there's a swarm of bees!". 
He was perfectly correct...

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And oh what a scene there was as the Ragged Antiquarians scattered hither and thither in alarm. What stumbling and bumbling; what shrieks and yelps - a flurry of tweed and ungainly strides... leaves of a notebook fluttering in the wind. A volume of Pevsner discarded on the grass...

Such are the perils of our learned Rambles!


  1. I (Esotericus) have been asked to post this comment on behalf of a member of 'The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers', for whom computers (and the Twenty First century!) are, 'an abomination:

    "To Whomsoever It May Concern,

    I would like to be noted the Stupefaction and Wonder of all present at the Priory on that fateful day at the fortitude displayed by Three D Dick (a.k.a. 'Doc' Ricardo), who by his alert and timely alarums
    despite agonies medieval in proportion (the ancient curse of Nether Spine) saved his fellow scholars from an apian-inlicted doom too vile to contemplate.

    Your Faithful Servant in Gratitude,


  2. In the event that one encounters swarming bees, the advice given to the 'Ragged Antiquarians Excursions Committee, Hazards & Tribulations Sub-Group' is, "to lay down with haste, face flat to the ground until the said bees have passed safely over head".

    Our thanks go to Colonel Hodgeforth (Retired) for offering this wise counsel, hard wrought as it was from his colonial service...