Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Diary of Cornelius Hump, Esq - Jebediah's return...


  1. A possible explanation may lie in "Homines Anasatie" by C Howye-Fartzon. Jebediah's unusual facial adornment may be the remnants of his pursuit of the sort of deplorable behaviour described therein, where young men in rural communities would sometimes disguise themselves as "wood spirits" in order to bedevil maidens, superstitiously fearful of refusal, into ante nupta voluptates corporis.
    As a city man, Hump was probably blissfully unaware of such dastardly deviousness, but one wonders as to the background of his unreliable companion.

  2. Dear Gregorious,

    A most thought-provoking piece Sir! The recently discovered 'Hump Diaries' will surely provide antiquarian scholars with a profusion of critical material for generations to come.

    Antiquarian Salutations!