Saturday, 1 May 2010

In appreciation of Mrs. K.J. Appleworth's Cake


The Ragged Ramblers' Excursions Committee would like to extend our effusive appreciation to Mrs. K.J. Appleworth for the delightful fruit cake she had sent to us on Friday last. Here are some of the responses from the committee:

"An utterly compelling feed - what what! Best cake since dear Nanny's when I was a nipper." 
~ Major Hodgeforth (Retired)

"A mouth-meltingly miraculous morsel" 
~ Esotericus

"Moist and firm; delicate, fluffy and delightful - a triumph!" 
~ Lady Arnolfia

Antiquarian Salutations!

~ The Excursions Committee ~

Addendum: Latest report from the Antiquarian Food Surveillance Team

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