Monday, 28 June 2010

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  1. Of particular interest is the five hole stocks, which with its odd number of holes I'm sure will have some of your readers scratching their heads. But it just confirms that people only put one leg in the stocks and this example was for five nere-do-wells.

    Most surviving stocks are not that old, with many being examples put together in the nineteenth century, around the time that they were abolished. But this set appears to be the much earlier and I would appreciate the chance to see them for myself. Could I just ask where are they?

    RJ Unstead (Deceased)

  2. Dear R.J. Unstead (Deceased),

    It is always a pleasure to have you comment here, and we Ramblers are huge admirers of your corpus.

    With regard to the location of the stocks: having consulted the notes in my tweed Ramblers' journal, I am reminded that this apparatus is located in the porch of St Margaret's of Antioch, South Elmham, Suffolk.

    Antiquarian Salutations!