Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Returning to Walpole Old Chapel

A few weeks ago I visited Walpole Old Chapel in north Suffolk for the first time. I am temperamentally inclined to share my enthusiasms, and so I returned today with a good friend. We had arranged to view this wonderful place by appointment. Between them, Christina and Simon kindly made this possible. The welcome we received was second to none!

The day was glorious, and, as we had arrived a little earlier than arranged, we strolled up the leafy lane opposite the chapel...

We paused to watch the bees gather nectar. How still I felt as I watched the tiny creatures toil. I remembered the winter past, which seemed to go on forever endeavour. These seasons of growth are to be cherished.

In the distance I could see the chapel. I was excited to be sharing this with a first-time visitor. You, my Reader, are urged to visit too. However, in the meantime, here are some glimpses of what we saw today...

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