Friday, 25 June 2010

Seasonal Sambocade

I just finished baking a Sambocade - a medieval cheesecake. It's a seasonal dish wish a distinct flavour of the hedgerow, flavoured, as it is, with elderflowers. So simple to make, consisting as it does of egg whites, elderflowers, honey and cottage cheese. I baked it in a short-crust pastry base and there it sits, waiting to be shared with hungry Ramblers.

This recipe is derived from the fourteenth century recipe book, the Forme of Cury, produced by the Chief Master of Cooks of Richard II. I usually choose to use honey as the sweetener, rather than refined sugar, as I feel this is closer to the folk recipe which I am sure those who toiled for a living would have known. Here is a slightly more refined recipe for your delectation - Sambocade