Saturday, 3 July 2010

Aunty Gary

Members of the Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers are often asked as to the identity of the gentleman in the beret at the top of our blog. This notable personage is Aunty Gary, honorary Chair of our Society.

Aunty Gary is one of this nation's leading brass rubbers and is the author of such noted monographs as, 'In Defence of Conquest Denial' (1947) and, 'Pernickerty Disputations, Contentions and the Curmudgeon' (1952). Since the age of seven he has been assembling what is now the most comprehensive collection of historic nail clippings in western Europe! He is also a noted authority on Jack Hargreaves and delights in a love of cake.

A true Ragged Rambler!

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  1. Since this piece was posted, a correspondent has asked for clarification as to how many enquires constitute 'often'. In the lexicon of the Rambler, 'often' would be three times or above. Our world is a quiet and sedate affair, and we do not observe the rhythms and norms of our contemporaries. In this spirit, a short while ago, one of our members was heard to refer to two people observing a rood screen in Bramfield church, Suffolk, as a 'crowd'. Likewise, having taken forty seven minutes to decide which church guide to take with him on a Ramble, our Contributions Secretary exclaimed to his fellow Ramblers - 'Why do we have to rush so!'