Saturday, 17 July 2010

Elements of a Good Ragged Ramble

A good Ragged Ramble happens when some friends:
-> Join up and connect. It's also about meeting and making new friends
-> Are active, perambulating wonderful sites: scampering up weedy hillsides; ascending a precipitous church tower - even taking a swim in some wild water!
-> Stop and take notice of the beauty around them, as well as taking time for themselves
-> Keep learning, with open minds and boundless wonder and curiosity
-> Give to each other - especially if it's a delicious slice of cake!

[See nef's 5 Ways to Well-being for further information about the evidence behind actions to develop emotional resilience and nurture wellbeing]

A good Ramble also involves a sprinkling of tweed and some playfulness. A good Ramble gives licence to wide-ranging conversation and speculation. It engages a range of senses and stretches the imagination. We are inspired to interact creatively with the places we visit. Rambling in a Ragged fashion enhances our sense of wellbeing and sets pettiness in perspective.

There is always laughter.


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~ Posted by Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. R.S.A.R. ~


  1. I love this!
    I am an old head on young shoulders and love and want to embrace proper english eccentricity.
    I am planning on opening a traditional, old fashioned Bakery this year in London (I live in Norwich at the moment) so I would be able to excel in point No. 5 of the raggered ramblers guide. I hope there are lots of taster waiting in the wings xx

  2. Hello Kat,

    A pleasure to have you here with us at The Ragged Ramblers! Fully baked ideas at the Half Moon bakery... hmm, I can smell those Fairy Cakes smiling golden in the oven as I write this...

    English eccentricity is, in my opinion, about daring to be yourself - and, in my case, daring to play.

    ~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. R.S.A.R. ~