Monday, 26 July 2010

Treacle Tart!

"Will you please hold this treacle tart Mr. Many Coats", I implored.
Raising a curious eyebrow, Mr. Many Coats complied.
"The next church we go to will be at Barsham, to the west of Beccles. When we get there you will see something that will remind you of this delicious food item, and when you do I want you to shout out, 'treacle tart!'"

After a short drive, we arrived at this delightful church, and, after a pause for tea we began to perambulate the churchyard...

"Treacle tart!" exclaimed Mr. Many Coats.


  1. I remember when I was a lad at school and we used to secreat tarts, fizzy pop and other sugary treats behind the curtains of our dorm lest matron find out and give us a sound thrashing!

    A fine post and the finest end to to a chancel that I have seen in many a year.

    J R Oooonstead (Also deceased)

  2. Dear J.R. Oooonstead (also deceased),

    We very much appreciate your kind and generous comments. Fizzy pop and tarts - top ho!

  3. THE finest piece of gothic supporting tracery this side of Eleanor of Aquitaine's foundation garments - and you compare it to treacle tart! Sadness.
    R. J. Trouser (Mrs)

    1. Dear R.J. Trouser (Mrs),

      Both gothic tracery and a latticed treacle tart are fine things. Associating the two together is no cause for sadness in Ragged Rambler circles - nay, quite the opposite in fact.