Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mssrs Tangle & Hump cordially invite you to join us...

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As Part of the Norwich Festival of Five
Mssrs. Tangle & Hump Present...

A brief Ramble into Norwich's past 

~ A bag of oddities &  curiosities ~
~ Wondrous story telling ~
~ High-speed Kett - the story of the 1549 Rebellion, told in 5 minutes!~

Wander with us and 
will be revealed to you...

The two tours will assemble outside Norwich Forum on 
Saturday 9th October,
starting at 11:30am and 3:00pm respectively

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  1. One is interested in attending this perambulation. May one enquire as to whether or not you will be visiting St John Maddermarket church? I really think you should!

  2. Dear Mr. Manbottom,

    Thanks you very much for your enquiry. By a happy coincidence the Historic Churches Trust have very kindly agreed to facilitate a visit to this fascinating church. I do hope that you are able to attend.

    Antiquarian Salutations!

  3. hey bro! owzit anging blood. you lick all that istory an stuff innit. you radiculous. LMAO you guys dead ragkousis!

  4. My nephew, Tristan, informs me that 'ragkousis' is London vernacular 'street' talk, referring to people who are deemed to be 'weird' and 'boring'. Therefore, I think it entirely appropriate to say to you on behalf of all of us in the Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers...
    A turd in thy teeth, you lubberly, muddy-mettled rampallian!

  5. Will you be offering fried chicken and jelly and icecream and all that when you do your history thing?

  6. Dear Dersingham Vicky,

    I have consulted Mssrs. Tangle & Hump about this matter and they inform me that it is their policy never to provide victuals during one of their perambulations. However, you are most welcome to join them for a pork pie and a pott of Nog at the Angel upon the termination of their delivery.

  7. Editor,

    I did attend a Tangle & Hump 'experience' several years ago. Quite frankly I was shocked at their rough ways and rude language. I do hope that during the intervening years they have taken elocution lessons - and had haircuts too!

    Mr. Zebedee Skrooch Esq.

  8. Dear Mr. Skrooch,

    Thank you for another interesting correspondence. During an audience with Mssrs. Tangle & Hump this very evening I ran some of your concerns past them. The response I am able to report is not perhaps that which you may have wished for, but in the cause of honest reportage I feel compelled to tell you that they spake thus:
    According to Mr. Tangle, you're a "plumpy, self-glorious rabbit sucker!"
    Mr. Hump, meanwhile, contends that you are best described as a, "sanctimonious, eye-offending bull's pizzle."

    I trust that this clarifies things for you...

  9. I too have spoken to Mssrs. Tangle & Hump and they have both assured me that they are going to have a bath prior to the upcoming engagement. And Mr Tangle has even combed his wig (Although he shan't actually be wearing it)