Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Diary of Cornelius Hump, Esq - Latest

Antiquarian Ramblers, delving into the past...

'The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers' has recently been bequeathed a unique archive, following the recent sad passing away of former member, Dorothea Tangle-Hump, M.B.E. .

This archival material consists of an extensive diary composed by Ms. Tangle-Hump's Eighteenth century ancestor, the notorious Cornelius Hump, Esq. . Ragged Ramblers members are currently engaged in the painstaking process of preserving and transcribing this unique and illuminating work, and it is this which we are able to share with you here...

The latest transcription - Rolling Hills & the Buddery Stare

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