Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mssrs Tangle & Hump Wish to Thank You...

Dan Tangle & Cornelius Hump, Esq - take notice...

Mssrs Tangle & Hump, Peddlers of the Past (and time-travellers extraordinaire) would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend their tours of Norwich today. It was our genuine pleasure to meet with you all as we explored the city's past and ways in which we, together, can look after our miraculous fragile selves better in the course of this strange - and often bewildering - modern reality. 

Thanks also to the Norfolk Historic Churches Trust and to Norwich City Council, and the staff at Blackfriars/St Andrews Hall, for going 'that extra mile' to make this event possible. 

Antiquarian Salutations,
Dan Tangle & Cornelius Hump, Esq

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  1. And thanks to Frankie for taking such a stonking, yes thats right I said stonking photo of those good looking time traveling adventurers!