Friday, 12 November 2010

A Keen Eye

A skull and cross-bones etched
into the brick of a village  'clink'

One element of the Ragged Ramblers' 'toolkit' is a keen eye for the quirky and unusual...

We are always delighted to find some curiosity or the other - often hidden away, but sometimes merely overlooked by the Sat-Nav mindset which leads to functional tunnel vision.

'Ragged Ramblers' initials, attributed to
Osbert Fropcock, RSAR (sourced from
his diary entry of Sept 21st 1887)

Look up and around; down and beyond... Be curious and you will discover hitherto neglected treasures...

St James Mill, Norwich - reflecting in the river

~ Esotericus ~

1 comment:

  1. A wonderful post and a great Skull and Crossbones upon the brickwork and not a hint of profile which as any Ragged Rambler will know dates this Skull to any time after the late seventeenth century. Although judging from the wear/erosion to brick material ratio on this example and the subject matter, I would suggest that it is is no more than 150 years old and probably carved by young nere do wells idling their time away.

    R J Oonstead (Deceased)