Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fritton Rood Screen

Here, the Ragged Ramblers examine an intriguing feature of the rood screen at St Catherine's church, Fritton, Norfolk...


  1. A most perplexing riddle to be sure. Why was it not finished? One would have expected the screen to have benn made elsewhere and then fitted in one go. Was it a mistake? Did they not know it was unfinished? Was it damaged whilst being fitted and nevr put right? So many questions and so many unique details to be found in even the smallest rustic rural church. Well done Ragged Ramblers for bringing these conundrums to our attention.


  2. A riddle indeed Mr Oonstead and one I have also pondered. Certainly the section that is carved looks to be early, because clearly it has been damaged and worn and worn and damaged over time. But perhaps the original was destroyed at the Reformation and this was a Tudor replacement never finished because of the continued termoil of religion at this time.

    Who knows?

    +Many Coats+

  3. Could it be that death or illness over took this skilled craft worker at the time, or is it more than likely that the funding for the job was suddenly withdrawn along with the payments of a few pennies to the poor widows, the daily loaves of bread to the lame and the sick and the grazing rights on the church glebe land from those whose commons had recently been enclosed?
    Anyone's guess, eh.

  4. Perhaps he had a conservatory to build over in Saxlingham and never came back. Those builders are all the same!

  5. mr wobledaggr U is well daddy innit