Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Pictoral Review of the Year 2010

Aunty Gary, intently scrutinzing the marvelous
rood screen at Barton Turf church

The RSAR blog is now a year old, and so I thought I'd indulge in a bit of nostalgia and revisit some of my personal favourite Ragged Rambling moments during 2010. Here we go...

The 'Creation' window at Guestwick church.
Mr. Many Coats and I were delighted to find
this newly installed stained glass

A Ragged Rambler welcome

Approaching the church at Dereham, set against
a perfect blue sky

Sunset at St Benet's Abbey

A Ragged Rambler, with picnic basket

Mid-Saxon chapel at
Bradwell in Essex

My first ever attempt at a sketch
on location

Swarming bees at Binham

The largest surviving Saxon structure in England! Brixworth church
 in Northamptonshire - perhaps as early as 7th century

Ragged Rambling in Cambridge

Sylvanian antiquarians admiring a monumental brass

An archetypal English scene: open garden event, complete with
tea-sipping vicar!

View from Lych gate at Barton Turf church

Late Norman arcade at Walsoken church

Medieval wall paintings (with Victorian additions) at
Copford, Essex


Norwich Cathedral, taken on an early evening
winter ramble

~ Esotericus ~


  1. very amusing blog, one day we hope to be as entertaining

  2. Dear bdhark,

    We are delighted to receive your comment. Yes, our rambling tends to be of a verbal nature rather than physical exertions up hills and down dales (alack, we hail from Norfolk, and a molehill is a mountain hereabouts!).

    A good day to you!