Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Balancing Barn...

During the middle of the summer last, I resolved that I would 'hold back' some of my work and post it here during the bleak winter months. February, for me, has traditionally been my SADest month, and so it seems to me that now is the time to share some sunshine with you here...

It was the summer of 2010. Ragged Rambler author, Esotericus, was on retreat in north Suffolk. Late one afternoon, he decided to perambulate across Wenhaston heath, in the direction of Thorington church. With notebook in hand and a full flask of 'Tangle & Hump' premium blend tea in his canvas haversack, he felt a tingle of antiquarian expectation as he made his way across heath and water-meadow. The wide sky, replete with a wash of peach and purple caused him to tarry a while...

Passing through a field of long-horned cattle nonchalently swishing their tails this Ragged Rambler made his way up the brow of the wooded hill which lay in the direction of the aforementioned church. However, it is the way of things that a magpie's flight may become disrupted by the glint of gold - or even, by a sliver of silver

... his eye caught a silvery light, over there to the right, through the trees. His mind was torn asunder, and gripped by a kaleidoscopic whirl of incomprehension he was forced to lean against the trunk of an oak to steady himself. Here, in the depths of rural Suffolk stood the Balancing Barn...


  1. Looks suspiciously like the dwellings of a 22nd century Heath Boy to me...

  2. We Ragged Ramblers do believe that 'Heath Boys' are capable of time travel, so this is a valid working hypothosis. I quake at the prospect of a 22nd century porridge gun!

  3. 'Heath Boy's - Are they in anyway related to the 'Fizzy Pop Children' said to haunt the highways and byways in and around Walsingham?

    +Many Coats+

  4. 'Fiddy Pop' in the local dialect...

  5. An abomination! Have these people got tinsle for brains!! I'd like to birch some sense into the blighters!!!

  6. I would like to observe that, as a general rule, the tendency to write about oneself in the third person is indicative of a sprained wrist, combined with myopia...

  7. Dear Mr. Many Coats,

    To clarify: Sociologists have placed 'Heath Boys' (HBs) in a lower socio-economic bracket than 'Fizzy Pop Children' (FPCs). In addition, it is generally agreed that, whereas HBs are believed to have fallen into our present through a tear in the time-space continuum from the early 1970s, FPCs herald from the 1950s.

  8. defy the eye
    defy the sky
    defy defy
    isn't it

  9. Thank you Esotericus. That clears the matter up for me except to say that I am somewhat concerned by what might happen if HBs and FPCs were to ever meet. One can only assume that the resulting negative polarity vortex in the space time continuum would have drastic repercussions for us all. God help us....