Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Drive-by History!

 The uniform of the gang member!

Gangs of youths in Norwich are terrorising passers-by, shouting out random history facts to them. Reports are coming in of a spate of such incidents all across the city. Mrs  Brodie Tussock-Griggs told this correspondent:
"One is most perplexed! I was walking back from the shop when this car full of ne'er do wells pulled over and one of them shouted out "1066, battle of Hastings!", before driving off at speed. I was terrified!"

Bill Woods from Mile Cross describes another such incident:
"It was all so quick. I was standing talking to my friend Bob, when these youths drove past, screaming '1485! Battle of Bosworth Field!' What's all that about? Me and Bob were really shook up I can tell you!"

A spokesperson from The Authorities has issued the following statement:
"We are monitoring the situation. We are concerned that this spate of Drive-by History indicates a grasp of facts, but not necessarily an understanding of histiography. It is only when we capture and interrogate suspects that we will be able to discern whether or not they are able to assess and evaluate evidence. In the meantime, we urge the public to remain calm; and do not, in any circumstances, engage the gangs in historical debate."

Willy Nilly,
The Trumpington Bugle!


  1. I had a similar experience just last week after buying cat food at Lidl. A large group of ragged looking louts asked me whether or not the first outbreak of plague in 1348 should be considered a disaster or a benefit to medieval society. I said that it must have been psychologically damaging to a people so relient on Gods good grace, but the yobs just sneered at me, they pushed my shopping trolly over and ran off shouting something about post plague societal mobility and the death of feudalism.

    I was well terrified.