Monday, 14 February 2011

Eye Now Know...

It didn't look quite right the right way up...
... and on reflection...
It's just a matter of perspective

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~ Esotericus ~


  1. I will be dead
    My will be done
    Cold on the stone
    vacant Mannequin -
    And all that and ever-I-think.
    Isn't it...

  2. Big Bad Brian,

    Hey dude, chill man... peace unto all...

  3. I love a view of the river.
    It sends me all of a quiver.
    Are the clouds in the sky,
    Or is it a trick of the eye?
    They appear to be all yon and thither.
    They make me all of a dither.

    You know what. Upon 'reflection' I shouldn't have wrote this. Get it? 'reflection'. Oh come on- keep it in 'perspective'!

  4. My dear Mr. Many Coats,

    What a delightful composition Sir! As my nephew, Tristram, would say in such circumstances - LOL!

  5. My dear Esotericus

    Thank you for another fine post and I just knew that second hand copy of Pam Ayres we found at that church book sale would come in handy. Inspirational!

  6. Why, yuppers Mr. Many Coats - I believe that the Pam Ayers was purchased at Saxlingham Nethergate church was it not?

  7. I wear a monocle... which is most inconvenient when one is winking

  8. It was Esotericus, although I was also inspired by the writings of Jurgen Gavin.

  9. Dear Mr. Many Coats,

    I am appeciative of your appreciation - isn't it

  10. There's a mistake! The photograph of the top is upside down; it needs turning round.