Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mousehold Heath Birdsong

On Friday 10th February 2011 Will Steward (Mousehold Heath Warden) and Peter Walton (Norfolk Adult Education tutor) led a walk through Mousehold Heath - an area of woods and heathland in the (green) heart of Norwich. As we stopped and listened, standing in the gentle rain, the birdsong was amazing - and quite beautiful...

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~ Esotericus ~


  1. Dear Reader,

    According to Alison, one can hear the see-saw notes of a Great Tit, as well as the song of a Robin. Thanks Alison!

  2. Ello Dearies,

    My Earnie used ta love bearded tits, ee did, bless his 'eart. He used ta rub himself frantic when he saw one. He's dead now though the fuckin bastard. I luvs me Earnie I does.

  3. One thing I really miss about being hard of hearing is the sound of birdsong. In particular I miss the Skylark. When I was lad long ago, one followed me on an early morning walk down Acle Boat Dyke and sang for just me.

  4. ... thanks also to Mr. Gnarus who had added the call of the Blue tit and Wood Pigeon to the list.