Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Copycat Evacuations at Knaresborough Castle

Alas and alack, it seems that the Contributions Secretary's worse fears have been realised, for earlier today I came into receipt of this most worrying of photos...

The aping of serious Ragged Rambler research at Knaresborough Castle

It seems that there are people out there indulging in copycat taking of their ease, inspired by the foolhardy Ragged Rambler who did it at Mount Grace some time last year. Although this time the photo appears to have been taken in the ruinous Keep of Knaresborough Castle.

But to make matters worse whilst the Ragged Rambler did it in the pursuit of knowledge, it seems that this new spate of simulated evacuations are being carried out for no other reason than what some of the common people term as 'having a laugh'. To make matters even worse the perpetrator is not a member of the R.S.A.R and nor is she a male! A woman by thunder aping the ways of man, just as Margaret Caley did some 400 years ago in Norwich.

Where will it all end? I myself know of many a recreated and reconstructed gaurderobe (Toilet) at Blists Hill Victorian village, Beamish Victorian village and also a Tudor one at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk and doubtless there are many more. Are they all to be sullied by untrained and unknowing posteriors?

I rue the day when first I posted the photo of the Ragged Rambler at Mount Grace.

+Many Coats+ R.S.A.R


  1. Dear Mr. Many Coats,

    It would seem that the iconoclasts have been defacing the young woman's face... either that, or her head is passing through a rip in the time-space continuum.


    ~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. R.S.A.R ~

  2. I thought at first the picture had been tampered with to preserve the young woman's anonymity, but yes Munro it does look like the kind of defacement that would make any 16th or 17th century iconoclast proud. If however it is caused by a rip in the space time continuum the we must keep a sharp eye out for 'fiddy pop' children and heath boys, for goodness only knows what would happen if they were to meet.

  3. I've just droped another 'n' off the end of 'then'. I'm a buggering butter fingers!

  4. Sir John de Woggle sur Le Main11 March 2011 at 17:57

    This is a positively preposterous posteria peccaminous panhygrous event!

  5. I suppose it'll be me shoveling all that 'ordure' out. I should have listen to me father and gone to catering college.

  6. You need not worry for clearly the young woman in question is wearing slacks or some other form of trouser device. Either that or she is very dirty below the waist.

  7. Now that's why I'll continue to come here u bloke...a tragedy indeed, as I laughed my arse off!!!...Pop'

  8. I'm still laughing at that poor pathetic gal checkin' her change!! Too bad the downside is so severe!

  9. Dear Mr. Lalepop,

    We are delighted that you come here and titter your tayle off!