Monday, 7 March 2011

Ragged Ramblers' Reviews - Charlie's Tea Stall

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~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. R.S.A.R ~


  1. Who would like a nice cup of tea and a really good muffin?

  2. Ethel,

    A beautiful woman; a lovely hot muffin - I am yours!

  3. Oh you are a naughty flirty Peter. If mother was here she would call you dirty Peter and beat you senseless with her Bible and visions of eternal damnation in Satan's fiery pit. But she's dead now. It was toaster in her foot spa, probably brought on on by the spasms caused by eating a tunnocks tea cake tainted with rat poison. Goodness only knows how that happened.

    More tea Flirty Peter?