Saturday, 30 April 2011

The bells, the bells....

You know, there are times when the simple things in life are the best.
Great company, copious quantities of good strong tea, (the sort you can slice and put on bread), great cake, laughter and nature's wonders, in the shape of bluebells.
So it was a warm sunny Saturday afternoon that Ragged Ramblers were called to arms to represent the Society at that most English of traditions - a garden party.
A most beautiful garden, with woods of bluebells, beckoned visitors to view the splendour. A sight that literally took one's breath away with the vibrant, colourful campanas.
Whilst wending our way through well trodden paths, the waft of scent greeted the nostrils, lifting the spirits and gladdening the hearts.
So many tiny blue flowers lifting their heads towards the glinting sunlight streaming through the trees.

Conversations weaving their words through branches and leaves, eliciting laughter and joy.

Stories of the woodwose being recounted to listening ears and then a  declaration that bluebells were an allergy to a Rambler, clearly not the place to be, but all glad of the company.
Emerging from the shadows, out into a wide expanse of field, the Ramblers whooping with delight, field walking, identifying, finding shards of history.
One of the Ramblers even found a stone that talked to him, speaking of scenes from long ago, the sights, the sounds, the scents, the straw.

So it was with much joy that the Ramblers returned to the garden to partake in the light refreshment that had been so wonderfully prepared.

Coffee cake, flapjack, fruit cake, cup cakes, seed cake, tea, coffee, juices and that was only on one Rambler's plate!
For only two coins of the realm, one could fill one's boots with the fayre that would be fit for kings.

More conversation ensued with a resounding wish to visit the local church - St Margarets.

So with keenness to explore and childlike inquisitiveness, the Ramblers bounded through the beautiful grounds of the church and into the small, but perfectly formed and full to the brim with curiosities, building.

The giant chandelier, somewhat oversized in proportion for the small church, had to be twizzled and swung, it was just begging, so they obliged.

Beautiful and ornate statues, stones and carvings greeted every turn of the eye, The Black Abbess almost hiding from view as she had done when found originally.

Further investigations, revealed glimpses of Norman architecture and the promise of hidden graffiti beckoning from the roof, something to be hoped for, should the church grant access.

So you know, as this piece started, by saying that the simple things in life are the best, I hope that the words written here persuade you to partake in something so beautiful and so uplifting to brighten your days.

Stratton Strawless Bluebell Woods Garden Party

Thadeus Basil-Snapper


  1. You have a Black Abbess in your church? That sounds like a medieval rarity of the Cathar variety. Did you partake of knee-tremblers in the car park after tea? (sorry, I'm in Jekyll mode at the moment)

  2. No - I meant HYDE of corse - I always get them confused. I must remember Gertrude Jekyll when looking at bluebells and wysteria.

  3. All at Las Ramblas send greetings tinged with a hint of jealousy as your Bluebell Wood looks stunning

  4. Alas not all Ramblers of the Ragged variety made it that day. I too am jealous....