Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ectoplasm Manifests...

N.B. This photograph has not been tampered with IN ANY WAY

The camera captures a most bizarre incident, taken during a visit to a Norfolk church; the location of which must remain anonymous - for obvious reasons.

The Ragged Ramblers' Aunty Gary demonstrates all too clearly that a certain sensitivity to the invisible world of spirit is a mixed blessing indeed! However, Mr. Ditheridge need not have been concerned, as the Ramblers present were mercifully spared full spirit manifestation, and Aunty Gary quickly recovered with the aid of tea and lemon drizzle cake.

Occurrences like this just go, once more, to show that the Ragged Ramblers are always prepared for any event in their cause to bring heritage, environment and antiquities closer to the hearts of ordinary folk.


Composed by Aunty Gary