Monday, 18 April 2011

Grave Matters


  1. The photo of the chap looking at the grave- he appears to have a free floating fringe that is independent of the rest of his hair. The rules of the R.S.A.R as I understand them forbid this style and if I remember correctly insist that all parts of the hair should be joined to form one 'mass'. I would go further and say that even 'partings' if that is what this aberration is, should not make up more than 5% of the overall style. I hope to see no more pictures like this and sincerely hope the younger set within the Learned Society keep their modern styles for tea dances and other such festivities.

  2. He is wearing a 'piece'; and his leg has dislocated and is protruding at a queer angle. Most Perplexing!

  3. I thought perhaps he was sitting astride Aunty Garry or was perhaps wearing a'todger shoe'. Mother always made Father wear one when she wasn't milking him.

  4. An Ode to Elizabeth.....

    Elizabeth Strickson gone to the grave
    Far too long for us to save
    300 years all bar one,
    since poor Elizabeth last saw the sun
    Was she foul or was she fair
    or did she too have dodgy hair?

    +Many Coats+ R.S.A.R