Thursday, 21 April 2011

A moment's tranquility

An impromptu visit to Aylsham and an excellent few minutes spent in the church - St Michael & all angels. Also an impromptu mobile blog from my phone.
A fine example of a rood screen which has survived the Puritan reformers with only some of the panels disfigured. Beautiful angled internal walls which defy the mind. An illusion that things are falling over.

Built in the 13th & 14th century, a lovely quiet and relaxing retreat from the hectic comings and goings.



  1. Blogging on the phone! Where will it all end? Before we know it people will be taking photos on their phones and listening to the latest hits. Imagine that Bobby Crush on your phone! I suppose you'll be telling me next that you flew about the knave on a hover board.

    Blogging on your phone indeed....

  2. My dear R J.

    I am assuming that by Knave, you meant the 'nave' of the church meaning the central open space of a church, west of the choir or chancel and separated therefrom by a low wall or screen and also divided from the side aisles by columns, shafts, or piers and roofed with timber or vaulted in masonry and usually rising above the level of the aisle roofs to provide high windows for lighting. In colloquial terms the space reserved for worshippers, and including the central and side aisles, crossing transepts - the name being taken from the Latin 'navis'(a ship) and not actually 'Knave', meaning either a male servant, a man of humble birth or more commonly, an unprincipled, crafty fellow?

  3. There is many an unprincipled crafty fellow in Alysham. I've taken lots with their hose about their ankles...

    Israel Gedge - Puritan and Proud

  4. A lovely little market town Thadeus and very friendly. It's also good to see that some traditional butchers and others have survived the onslaught of the big supermarkets there and a great 2nd hand auction every monday. Last week there was an old chest of drawers with a monkey skull in it. I didn't want a chest of drawers, which is just as well as the monkey had a strange look about him that filled me with dread....

  5. St Michael's Church, Aylsham is also where the great Eighteenth century garden designer is buried. Huzzah!

  6. A delightful setting in which to display one's cuffs and lace trimmings

  7. Mr Many Coats,
    I agree, it's never a good idea to procure drawers with strange looking monkeys in them.

  8. As usual we are in complete agreement about the avoidance of all things monkey related Thadeus my friend.