Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Woodwose in my Attic

The Woodwose is a hairy fellow; a carrier of the cudgel, a creature of leaf and lane - or so you might think!

For, following in the paw prints of urban foxes - or, even in the wake of the wing-beat of the peregrines on the cathedral spire -, I have evidence that the Woodwose has also migrated to the city.

For over the last couple of days, from the attic above my humble abode, there has been such a banging and a shuffling; a tapping and a clouting - a most perplexing hubbub indeed!

Imagine my astonishment when, having opened the door to my daughter's cupboard, I looked up to see a Woodwose peering down at me from above. Furthermore, upon ascending the steps, the results of his labours were clear to see...

Now, the thing about a Woodwose is that if you thank him for his labours he will leave (I know this to be so, from my friend, the Yarnsmith of Norwich). However, you are at liberty to leave gifts of food, and so it was that I left a box of Gay Fancies, which, as you can see, he ripped into with gusto!

Huzzah! To the urban Woodwose. Huzzah! I say...

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  1. You should consider yourself very lucky Munro, for little is known of these creatures other than like the greenman they feature in many a Medival carving, especially on church fonts. Which is ironic in many ways, for there are many who believe them to have pagan origins....

    +Many Coats+

  2. I'm not sure lucky is a word I'd use Mr ManyCoats. These creatures can indeed be tricksy. One only has to study celtic myths, legends and folk tales to know that the beasts and fairy folk who excist in the darker places, on the periphery of our world, they can be fickle folk. They can turn against you for the slightest of reasons and most can not abide to be praised or thanked in any way. Quite why I don't know - I think they like playing games and messing with our heads!

  3. Dear The Yarnsmith,

    Whereas it may well be true that the hairy little critters enjoy messing with our heads, it is also equally true that they are free to come and do home improvements here at Tweeder-Harris Towers any time.

    Huzzah to Woodwi [pl.]

    ~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq ~

  4. i saw a fella leaving the icing off his gay fancy and not eating it at all. My jaw hit the floor, there at all!

  5. As usual Munro you speak wise words and although I can't prove it, I'm pretty sure that it was a Woodwose who snuck in and tiled my down stairs loo when I was away telling last summer. It was a nice job- all White tiles, but with a thin blues boarder about half way up the wall....

  6. Bumper Cockton-Smythe27 April 2011 at 00:32

    We had an old Irish coachman always left icing, you sometimes came across it lain carefully on a stone near water. Said it was for "the udder folk.", or at least that's what it sounded like. Maybe your Wodwo is attracted to your cold water tank, Tweedy? Be darn careful about rewards, though, if he takes umbrage he'll play merry hell with your pipes.

  7. I need it to keep my cudgel in