Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Martham Church Tower Views

I well remember sitting with Maximillion discussing how, one day, we might access church towers and share the views from up above with visitors to our site. At that time, we hadn't even started our online venture. Indeed, even the name 'Ragged Ramblers' was yet to be conjured up in my imagination.

It was, then, an entirely unexpected bonus to be able to access the tower of St Mary's church, in Martham; open as part of the village Scarecrow festival. As my two travel companions sat within this delightful church, and enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea, I set about ascending the stone stairs - eventually making my way to the very top.

As I clambered up and stood on the roof of the tower, I was buffeted by the bracing wind. Truth be told, I had left a bit of puff behind me on the way up; however, more than the climb, it was the view that took my breath away...


  1. That is quite a view - and quite a presentation of it - I feel almost giddy now.

  2. Dear Tom Stephenson,

    Yes, it is quite a view - and a genuine pleasure to share it here with our Reader. We hope to get more opportunities to climb to high places like this!


  3. We would like to note here that we are fast approaching our 5,000th visitor to the site. We are absolutely delighted to have had so many visitors. We see the world in a very particular way, and it is heartening to think that other people enjoy our way of seeing things too.

    Huzzah to you all!