Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Design Wee Davey a Livery Competition

As many of you will know, it was with great excitement that we of the Learned Society recently discovered the existence of a curious man-child - a wee wanderer in time and space called Wee Davey. Our original report of this most wondrous case can be found by going here.

Wee Davey and Thadeus Basil-Snapper the Third
*Courtesy of the Trumpington Bugle

The child already being knowledgeable in the ways of Reredos, Fan Vaults and Flying Buttresses, we have decided to take the poor chap under our wing and grant him the honorable title of R.S.A.R mascot and afford him all the rights and privileges that the office brings. Privileges including an R.S.A.R livery - a Ragged Rambler suit of clothes for every occasion. To that end we have decided to launch a competition to design a livery for Wee Davey. I myself have started the ball rolling with two suggestions:

The First is entitled 'Sailor Ahoy Wee Davey' and is designed with Rambles on the Norfolk Broads in mind....

As you can see Wee Davey has a lolly to keep him amused on the journey to the boat yard. Also a compass to assist with navigation (For we Ragged Ramblers are not known for our sea faring skills) Also a Ragged Rambler Flag, to plant in the ground should we discover some ancient curiosity long hidden from human kind's eyes.

The second suggestion I call 'Ungowa Wee Davey', a costume with Nature Rambles in mind...

Inspired by the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the livery includes a creeper for ease of passage through the woods and also a knife for cutting picnic cake and the foil from tightly packed sandwiches. The costume also takes advantage of the wee man child's unusually hairy physique in that it will keep him warm even on winter Rambles.

Those are my suggestions, but we would like to see more and anyone interested in entering the competition can simply download one of the photos of Wee Davey below and create a livery of his or her choice using basic photo editing software. For those who do not have a photo editor on their computer we of the Learned Society recommend 'pixlr', a free web based editor which can be accessed here.

Right Click and 'Save' Images to your computer

All entries and can be sent to the Contributions Secretary, RSAR at: ragsocantiq@yahoo.com

Please Note:
Full terms and conditions of the competition cannot be found anywhere and the the decision of the RSAR Committee is final. The winning entry will be decided who knows when and may or may not be posted on the Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers Website.

+Many Coats+ R.S.A.R


  1. I suggest a corduroy suit with extra large leather patches on the back should the little fellow wish to indulge in some breakdancing or other pursuit popular with the youth of today.