Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Lost Notebooks of Dawson Bulwer-Rant - Hindringham Church

"Dear Dawson,

I do hope you are prodigiously well Sir. I wish to say here that, although initially taken aback a little by the passion with which you expressed your opinions, I do completely concur with your view that pouring tea through slots in a flask is an affectation. In your own words (as I recall):
'Sign of an enfeebled mind Munro! Dribbling one's tea in that manner is an affront to the traditions I hold dear. Pour tea from an open flask or don't pour it at all! I find this most perplexing!'

I also wish to apologise for the surprise I caused when screaming "NO!" at you, as you went to examine the lock on the antient church coffer within Hindringham church. Cruel experience has taught we RSAR members that this is one item best left unhandled (and I do hope that your ear trumpet is not too badly dented as result of the tumble it took).

Antiquarian Salutations,

Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. 
Hindringham Hinges


  1. Compliments to Bulwer-Rant. Nice notebook.

  2. I agree with Tom

  3. I'm ALARMED at anyone who drinks tea flask that has been poured by the unsanitary twist-n-pour method! So Alarmed it's set me coffering and spluttering!

    Do you see what I did there?

    +Many Coats