Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Tangled Present - Briggate Mill, Norfolk

This day, a small group of Ragged Ramblers perambulated around North-East Norfolk. As we wended our tweedy way we happened upon a derelict mill building at Briggate. The Briggate Mill has had an eventful history; one which included a lengthy trial and conviction for arson and an attempt to defraud the insurance company (fire, 7th August 1975). See HERE for further information...


  1. An interesting video. Like a film set and I half expected someone to leap out upon you all. Perhaps in a tweed mask. In fact there are said to be very similar structures on place 29....

  2. But, you see, there was someone in a tweed mask, lurking in the shadows...

  3. Is that Della Xanthoria Saxicola I see in the video?