Friday, 8 July 2011

The 5 shilling Ragged Rambler's Tour 2011

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The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers are pleased to announce the kickoff of their summer tour 2011. We shall be travelling the highways and byways in our specially kitted out 'Rambler Van' complete with assorted maps, assorted cutlery, gout stools, and other indoor seating to allow for excursions in foul weather or fair and we will be coming to a church, heritage site or some other curiosity near you. So whether you are visiting a priory ruin, a disused lock or newly renovated water mill this summer keep an eye out for the Ragged Ramblers on tour.

From Munro Tweeder-Harris and Thadeus Basil-Snapper the third to Maximillion, Many-Coats, Mr Gnarus and Professor Greenage. You might even catch a glimpse of R J Ooooooooooonstead (Deceased) Wee Davey, Dr Turnup-Slacks, the Gunton Dandy, Field Marshall Cockton-Smythe or even Silent Mandy, Israel Gedge and Aunty Gary. Who knows, you might even spy the ever elusive Contributions Secretary!

If you do think you spot one of them simply call out, Ragged Rambler, Ragged Rambler - You are a Ragged Rambler - Huzzah and you could win a 5 shilling postal order, a fun size pack of Iced Gems and a cup of your very own flask tea!

+Many Coats+ R.S.A.R


  1. No Mandy, definitely not and yes Elias you can come, but only bring the number 2 shovel.

  2. If you come to the Bath area, see if you can get me an intro into Hinton Priory - I've been trying to get in there for about 40 years, but cannot afford the £10 million entrance fee.

  3. Tom. We will do our best, but you know..

    They seek us thither,
    they seek us yon,
    but by the time they find us,
    we are usually gone!


  4. Incidentally Tom

    That rhyme war taken from the ancient prophecies held within the sacred pages of the Boke of Rambleth, which is ascribed to one of the very earliest wandering antiquarians, the Venerable Tweed (Twede in the old spelling) The inspiration some say behind Bulwer-Rant's foundation of the R.S.A.R

    +Many-Coats+ R.S.A.R