Sunday, 17 July 2011

Shield Discovered in the Lincolnshire Flatlands

As our coach party wended our way, on the long journey from Norwich to Stow, we stopped for refreshments at a Lincolnshire cafe. The architecture therein, immediately sparked a learned discourse from Professor Greenidge, who noted late perpendicular features, exclaiming in characteristically shrill tones,
"Why, I think it to be a converted mediaeval Hall House!"

Perhaps even more remarkable, though, was the discovery in the toilets of this establishment, of 'Shield' soap...

1978 Shield soap advert

Now, the previous thinking of personal hygiene historians had been that the last incidence of Shield deodorising soap being used in Britain was in a Bed-and-Breakfast in South Wales in 1982. However, we can assure you that it is still going strong in this outpost of Lincolnshire. 

Postscript: we did try and provide photographic evidence, but our attempts to take photographs in the toilet led to an alarming degree of hostility from local patrons of this facility, and we were forced to make a rapid escape.

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