Friday, 12 August 2011

The Cry of The Ragged Rambler

Members of The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers let out a resounding cry of "Huzzah!" (the cry of the true antiquarian) (mp3)

Here is a recording of a small group of Society members demonstrating the cry of the Ragged Society of Antiquarians (recorded on location)


  1. A meek, mealy-mouthed, mumble of a cry, if I may say so. Come one Ragged Ramblers, you can do better than that,

    "WHAT DO WE WANT????"

    "WHEN DO WE WANT IT????"

  2. It is our best effort. This was recorded after a gruelling days Ragged Rambling involving several breath taking churches, an abundance of tea and a slice of cake. As you will understand, we were exhausted!