Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gargoyles Gape

In Westwick church
The gargoyles gape
And though wide-mouthed
No words escape....

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  1. If that gargoyle could speak I think he would be saying... "oooooooh" to the kind offer of a Licorice Allsort from a selection that still included the pink and blue bobberly ones that have the texture of cheap 1970s bedspreads, but that are usually eaten first as they are the nicest ones in the pack - so it's a surprise when they are still there. Hence the.... "oooooooh".

  2. ... and why is 'licorice' not pronounced 'lick-o-rice'?

  3. Arthur Spoonington-Smythe24 August 2011 at 20:25

    Mr Many Coats,
    The pink and blue bobberly ones are called Spogs, or alternatively called Horse Cakes, and a fine observation about the texture. I have a collection of 1970's bedspreads in my shed for which I charge 5 shillings to view, should you wish to see them.

  4. Dear Mr Spoonington-Smythe

    Thankyou for your kind offer, but I have my own collection of 70s blankets as well as one of the largests collections of interwar eiderdowns in East Anglia.

  5. Dear RSAR. I have often pondered on the correct spelling and pronunciation of 'liquorice'. I realise that some consider the latter here the correct spelling, but I choose the pronunciation and spelling as seen in Lenwade. A otherwise non descript village except that they have their own particular form of Norfolk dialect known as Lenwadian.

    Please forgive any confusion I may have caused.

  6. Then why, might one ask, is 'liquorice' not spelt 'licorice' - and pronounced 'lick-o-rice'?