Thursday, 1 September 2011

Little Eccentricities

Ragged Ramblers can be a bit extreme and even a tad eccentric in their behaviour on occasions.

Take this one for example - A member of the Society of many years standing who insists on wearing medieval garb and wooden medieval pattens (Hinged wooden strap on soles) whenever he goes Rambling. He says that it helps him get a 'feel' for the past and more importantly stops his feet wearing out.

+Many Coats+

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  1. I suppose he wears them pattens so that he can look down on us horney handed sons of toil. In my day we called them sort 'Ruffty Tufftys', because they wore a big ruff which forced them to walk about with their heads held high and their noses in the air...

  2. Elias. You are definitely from below the salt!

  3. I bet those plates belong to the hippy-looking one who drives the VEE-DUB camper?

  4. I agree with the Colonel. Thou art all an abomination with thine Starched ruffs, slashed waistcoats and other fripperies. Thou art all the Devils playthings!

    Israel Gedge, Puritan and Proud