Monday, 19 September 2011

Natural bounty in Norfolk county

Last Sunday a Ramble to Holkham beach in north Norfolk to take in the stunning Norfolk skies. At their best this time of year, take a look, for need I say more......

A late summer day, but with a tinge of autumn and a waft of woodsmoke in the air. Our journey back took us down a sandy track past some of nature's wonderful bounties....

The first were blackberries small and tart to the taste. As me nan used to say, 'they drew your arse up to your elbows'!

Then past some rose-hips ripening nicely. Rich in vitamin C they have many uses including wine and according to a friend they were often used as Rosary Beads long, long ago....

But I had a very different use for them when young, for they are natures very own itching powder. I spent many happy hours peeling the outer shells to harvest the furry seeds within. Then they went into my sisters beds and to school where they were dropped down many a shirt collar.

So celebrate natures bounties yourself. With pies, jam and wine if you like, or alternatively peel a rose-hip, drop the seed down a shirt and wait for the fun to begin!

+Many Coats+

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  1. Blackberries so tart they make you wear an expression like Dot Cotton licking the piss off a nettle

  2. Hello Malcolm and thank you for your 'sharp' observations, although some may say that you have 'soured' my post.

    Do you see what I did there? Good eh!

    +Many Coats+

  3. Oh I say Mr. Many Coats, the title rhymes! I only just 'got it'... What a dullard am I! Huzzah!