Saturday, 29 October 2011


Look at this little beauty! No, not the bearded chap, silly... I'm referring to this fabulous lead covered font located within the church of St Laurence in Brundall - the only one of its kind in Norfolk. 

This fascinating piece of material culture is thought to date from the thirteenth century. On each panel there is a depiction of Jesus being crucified. 

Why so few? Why here? 


  1. Testmant to the medieval plumbers craft sir in a time when they did alot more than charge you £50.00 for doing nothing more fiddling with your ballcock!

  2. I would like to complain about the missing 'than' from my last post. First it was just the occasional comma or semi colon, which I could bare. Afterall I was young once and know what it was like to jape with the other fellows once in a while, but next it was missing letters and now whole words being purloined by oiks.

    Where oh where is Madam Contributions Secretary? There was a time when her sepia toned rod of iron would have put a stop to such willful childishness.

  3. Nice bit of plumbing. The stonework appears to date from a little later.

  4. You are right Tom.

    There has been some significant restoration below!

    Many Coats