Thursday, 29 December 2011

Whistling in Winter

Interior of Upton Church, Norfolk. Note the
steep pitch of the 'fossilised' gable above the
west tower arch - we did!

Today, a small party of intrepid Ragged Ramblers defied the smudgy skies and chill wind, and set off on an antiquarian perambulation. It was during a quiet contemplative moment within Upton Church, Norfolk. that we recorded the following sound...

Whistling Hymn in Upton Church (mp3)

Poignant and infinitely sad...

"That's rather lovely" I said, turning to Aunty Gary, Thadeus and Maximillion. 
"I've always wanted to whistle. I didn't know you could..." said Aunty Gary, turning to Thadeus.
"I can't..." replied Thadeus, looking to Maximillion.
"Nor can I!" exclaimed Maximillion, nervously. 

Everyone looked at me. C
uriously, I too am unable to whistle either!

Perhaps we will never know...

~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq. ~


  1. Upton. Far too close to Acle for my liking. Far too close....

  2. Whistling is the preserve of Fools, Dullards and Ninny-Hammers. I wouldest rather listen to a priest farting his sermon in fits and starts.

    Israel Gedge - Puritan and Proud

  3. You are quite right Mr. Many Coats, Acle was very close by. Indeed, we did visit the church there, and then went for refreshments and cake at a cafe... the cake was commendable, but Maximillion was uncomfortable as he kept saying he felt like we were being watched. Ridiculous I know, but artists sometimes feel the world around them a little bit too much. We therefore compelled to leave in haste!

  4. Dear Israel Gedge,

    We found some exquisite medieval wall paintings at Moulton church yesterday. Shame you couldn't be with us to to appreciate their beauty. Never mind eh...