Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Buckenham Rookery - A CorVideo

Please note: this video is best viewed in enlarged mode

In late December Ragged Ramblers visited the largest rookery in Britain (estimated to number up to 80,000 in total), situated at Buckenham, Norfolk, located just to the south of Strumpshaw. It was cold and bleak, but the site of thousand upon thousands of rooks swirling in the sky was a compelling site (see video). 

We also notice that the online directions to this wonderful site are very hard to find. As a result, we have added a location tag to this post, and have also added it to our Google map:

Ragged Ramblers Map (click on the green place-mark with the bird symbol, to the east of Norwich, near Brundall)

So long as people are sensitive to the needs of this corvid community, this shouldn't be kept a secret. Best witnessed in winter, wrap up well and make your way there. It does have to be seen to be believed!

Huzzah for the corvids!


  1. Wonderful. A splendid video. Gives me the chills. How many soggy days and cold nights did you spend camped out there to get that rivetting footage? Finally the latest space age video technology is being used to it's full advantage. Bravo! I counted at least 38 rooks!!

  2. My Dear Timmy,

    Whilst I have not been hitherto persuaded that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, your contribution here is going some way to altering my view on that. Besides, I think you will find that if one really concentrates, one should be able to count a total of 42 rooks!


  3. A shame there isn't an 'immensely disappointing' reaction button as well. The few rooks I could see look like fleas on my dogs back!

  4. I counted 24 specks. Timmy's right - it's rubbish!

  5. 24 rooks? That's just enough for a pie.