Monday, 23 January 2012

The Phenomenon of the Gunton Dandy

The dandy, posing for photographs

A group of Ragged Ramblers was perambulating the lovely Robert Adam designed Eighteenth century church at Gunton in north Norfolk, when we sited a stray dandy posing in one of the alcoves. This young louche seemed entirely indifferent to our presence; although we did sense that he was pleased to parade himself in front of an audience. 

Gunton Church seems to be a popular posing place for dandies (see HERE for instance). We have heard that they travel from far and wide to strut and preen in the elegant Georgian surroundings. 

A dandy sighted on during a previous visit

Postscript: this is a truly lovely church. It is set in the grounds of Gunton Hall. You are perfectly entitled to visit the church, as it is open for the public. However, be forewarned, the signage in the estate grounds consists of a series of proclamations, declaring the land to be "Strictly Private". There is absolutely no mention of the church. We urge you, however, to be bold. Don't be intimidated. Just drive through the grounds, past the hall and park up near the cattle grid and path leading to the church. 


  1. Reginald Tumble-Hackerton24 January 2012 at 07:28

    I do believe I have seen one of these "dandy" things in the Castle Museum on display. Must have been captured some 20 years ago now but still looking fine in his sharp dress and cravat. Hadn't realised they were still common in the wild.