Thursday, 12 January 2012

We are the Ragged Ramblers!

Gusts of laughter
Wry looks and smiles
as wide as the skies

We are Raggedly
to wonder
and to explore
an old world
and share it
with you

We are the Ragged Ramblers


  1. We are resolved, forever endeavour - time out of mind - to never surrender to ghastly, dismal adulthood... Huzzah!

  2. Jiggers! Can't recall the name of the church pictured in the background?

  3. Roger Le Tom-Tom12 January 2012 at 19:48

    Tweed me this
    Tweed me that
    I love to Ramble
    In my tweed hat

  4. My dearest Munro,
    I do believe the said establishment is that of Fishley, Sir.
    I remember it well as the bloody thing was shut!
    Beautiful church, but shut.
    Did I mention it was shut?
    Couldn't get in! It was shut.

  5. My dearest Thadeus

    I would suggest that are wrong my friend, for as a boy I would play amongst the ruins of Fishley Church. Ruinous then and ruinous now Sir. Indeed, I once took Munro there many years ago to show him where my friend Eehands once even longer ago took a Jackdaw chick and raised it as his own. I was wearing a rather fetching pair of motley 'festival' trousers and Munro a tight fitting Safari jacket if memory serves....

  6. Mr Many Coats, I do indeed bow unto your far superior knowledge. But Sir, I should like to say that you may indeed be incorrect. Perhaps we should settle this via a duel at dawn. Three wet kippers and a bent cigar as instruments of choice!
    If Munro would be our escort in his Safari Jacket then this should be of utmost splendidness.

  7. A most perplexing conturbation! For the love of Mike, please stop this madness now!

  8. Dear Mr Many Coats,
    It brings me no pleasure in saying this to you SIr, a dear friend, but in the parlance of the younger generation - "you iz owned man!!"
    There, I said it!
    May I bring your attention to the video presentation on You Tube

  9. My dear Thadeus

    I have yet to watch your visual feast, although it has occurred to me that there might be more than one Fishley! Alas Munro's Safari Jacket was one of a kind and it ran off with my rather fetching motley 'festival' trousers. Although I did hear they had split up after the Safari Jacket caught my trousers getting it on with a cravat....

  10. Eehand called the Jackdaw 'Jacko'.

  11. It was your Cravat Thadeus my dear friend. Your Cravat in the parlance of the younger generation "getting jiggy wit da man".

    Your good friend, Mr Many Coats

  12. Your Cravat Sir led my trousers on and Munro's Safari Jacket has not been seen since....

    Your indignant friend,

    Mr Many Coats

  13. My dear Thadeus
    Please except my most humble apologies, for having just watched the'YouTube' presentation, I realise that I have wronged you. The confusion arose, because having been raised in Acle, I did in fact also spend many a happy hour in and around Fishley Church hunting rabbits for the pot. It is an atmospheric little church and has a sad reminder of long ago. I refer to the series of graves of the children of one family who all died over the space of a year or two, It was I think cholera?

    That said Thadeus, I still think you should keep a tighter rein on your clothing - In particular your neck apparel.

    Mr Many Coats

  14. Dearest Many Coats
    Please do be assured I seek no pleasure in proving someone, so wise and well travelled as yourself, to be a little off the mark. I do believe that I may have been guilty of making your attention waiver due to my extravagant cravat and it being rather flamboyant. I have been to the vet and had the damn thing put down. It shall never rear its head in public again.
    I thank you for your most gracious gesture and do accept. Huzzah Sir!

  15. It is my contention that Thadeus did, indeed, gain considerable pleasure from proving Mr. Many Coats wrong...