Saturday, 25 February 2012

Arthur Mo Sings

In the early days of the Ragged Ramblers we sought to record the stories and songs of Norfolk. Sad to say most of the recordings were lost in the terrible pipe smoking accident that also claimed the lives of two of our most Ragged friends - R J Ooooooonstead and Colonel Hampton (Both now deceased) They did not die in vain however, for their last recording was of the Norwich based folk singer 'Arthur Mo'. A tune he called Oh Horsey. As luck would have it I have unearthed a copy of that recording for your enjoyment *

Oh Horsey (mp3)

If you listen carefully at the start of this recording R J Ooooooonstead can be heard demanding Mr Mo sing "another horsey song" in his unusually high pitched antiquarian voice.

*Many thanks to the Ragged Rambler Friend, The Yarnsmith of Norwich for donating this rear recording to the Learned Society Archive.

+Many Coats+


  1. Replies
    1. It brought many to mine Tom...

    2. I think that it must have brought many a tear to the donkey's eyes.

      Mother did something similer to father when she caught him reading 'those magazines' in his shed. He cried for weeks.