Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Flippin' good nosh

On this day, Antiquarians can be seen abiding by traditions and making pancakey treats. A video production has been commissioned to demonstrate the very dangerous art of tossing. This must only be tried under close supervision with safety harnesses available if required.

A recipe to follow is provided here..

2 eggs
4oz plain flour, sifted and loved
7floz of milk
2.5floz of warter
pinch of salt
2oz melted butter

Place all ingredients into a bowl large enough to hold all the ingredients whilst whisking.
Whisk vigorously until all are smooth and creamy.
Heat a pan with a little oil until it just starts to smoke lightly.
Take off the heat and cool momentarily whilst sipping a whiskey.
Pour in some mixture until a thin film covers the pan. Cook for a short time until golden in colour, flip the pancake (with supervision) and cook the other side.
Dress with lemon juice and golden syrup for that authentic pancake day treat. Sit back in your leather armchair, put up your feet and enjoy your delights.


  1. I don't have my pancakes until the day after everyone else. I call it 'waiting til Wednesday'.

  2. Be that warter a vat of rain water with an infusion of warts? I have some of that, be I.

  3. Dear Vicky. The fingers do type too fast in anticipation of sitting in the armchair!

  4. Ooh, you keep your fast fingers to yourself you saucy devil! They don't call me Dursingham Vicky for nothing you know... my name is Vicky and I'm from Dursingham.