Sunday, 12 February 2012

The R.S.A.R. Contributions Secretary is back!

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The return of the Contributions Secretary, R.S.A.R., can be found HERE


  1. Ooooh this is exciting news boys. I hope you don't mind but I have written a poem to celebrate her return...

    They seek her here.
    They seek him there.
    They seek the Secretary everywhere.
    Is she in bed or in the loo,
    or in the kitchen making a brew?
    Is he cleaning his thermal cup,
    so she might take a warming sup?
    Is he consuming lots of Lemon Drizzle,
    Wearing goggles to protect against crumbs and other missiles?
    Is she unscrewing her Ramblers flask,
    Going slowly with this task?
    Going carefully, taking his time.
    Lest he unscrew it beyond the line.
    With measure in hand and goggles on tight,
    she pours the tea to just the right height.
    And when his finnished his thoughtful ways,
    she flits away for many days.
    Sometimes weeks or even a year.
    They seek her here.
    They seek him there.

  2. Not bad Ethel and I'm glad to see that the secure unit still allows you access to the Internet.

  3. What's so special about Henry bloody Sandon anyway. Everyone keeps saying "I really love Henry Sandon don't you?" Well no I buggering don't. Ceramics. Whats that all about? Who apart from Henry Sandon would go raagaa over an eighteenth century chinese imported tea cup. They didn't even have handles for Christ sake. How can you drink tea from a cup without a handle? I wouldn't give you tuppence for one. You've seen one pot you've seen them all. I can't remember Henry Sandon on 'Going For a Song', can you? No you can't can you? I could tell you things about Henry Sandon that would make your toes curl and your flesh creep, but I promised John Bly that I'd never speak of it.

  4. Dear Mr Kneegus

    Are you suggesting that Henry Sandon off the telly is the legendary Contributions Secretary?

    If yes, then i can assure you that he is not. As far as this Ragged Rambler knows he has absolutely no affiliations with the learned society at all - Being a man as he is more interested in pots than people or place.

    That said should he ever wish to join our Ragged band I would happily second his application as I for one really love Henry Sandon. Don't you? His large wobbly belly is pleasing to the eye and his childlike giggles and enjoyment in all things pot, whether fine porcelain or naive folk, is pleasing to the soul.

    Long may he reign supreme on Sunday nights.

    +Many Coats+

    P.S did you ever see the edition of Antiques Roadshow where he discovered Ozzy the Owl - The 17th century Staffordshire slipware drinking vessel. It was a real hoot!