Monday, 7 May 2012

In search of the perfect accoutrement

Whilst scouring the wealth of knowledge that is the Internet, I happened upon a small article that caught my eye.

"This quick-to-knit, classically styled tie is sure to find its way to the office, church or anywhere a man wears a tie. Self striping sock yarn does the work and you never have to change colors. With the variety of colors, the ties will match many shirts in his wardrobe, and it is an economical gift idea using less than one ball of yarn."

This said to me, "Thadeus good fellow, go out, purchase a ball of yarn, a pair of fine steel needles and knit yourself a necktie!"

What gentleman of the Learned Society can resist this chance of fashion and the opportunity to walk into a merchant's abode and request self striping sock yarn?
Huzzah I say quite loudly!

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1 comment:

  1. Knitted Pants Thadeus. Even better knitted swimming trunks that hang down to your knees when you exit the sea!