Monday, 11 June 2012

Ragged Ramblers?

I have on occasions been asked, "Why are you called the Ragged Ramblers?"
Well I can not answer for all in the Learned Society, but it's my theory that the fact that we all different heights and widths certainly marks us out as 'ragged' and also our plucked worn tweed has seen better days.

But when it comes to the 'rambling' aspect of what we do I suppose that is also self explanatory. We ramble here and there and occasionally thither and yon. Although I think that there is another explanation - I and some others in our group are drawn to rambling places. By that I mean, posh 'Victorianised' and restored churches are all well and good, but we are particularly drawn to those unkempt,  those down at heel, those rambling churchyards and slightly decaying facades that glory in their old age and revel in the ups and downs of long ago. Churches where nature has softened mans heavenly aspirations! Churches like this one I visited this very week, St Leonards, which adjoins Rockingham Castle in the Midlands...


+Many Coats+


  1. My Dear Mr. Many Coats,

    Is it not also true that we Ramble; as in, to talk and talk and talk - endlessly...

  2. It is true my dear Munro that our talks do indeed take many twists and turns...

  3. And we likes cake, Sir! Fine Ragged cake

    1. I prefer Fickle Cake!