Friday, 8 June 2012

With diamond ring I write

This marvellous piece of window etched graffiti was found at Montacute House. Apparently inscribed with a diamond ring in 1770 by Edward Phelips, it is a piece to his mother. A translation of this from the Latin reads:

'Be gone all anxieties, you harsh species; be gone all pain. Let no clouds darken the present day, which, dearer to me by far than my own birthday, must be celebrated with festive dances. Shout three cheers; heap the altar with gifts; something bitter is at hand and prayers are in order.'

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Location:Montecute House


  1. A poignant and personal tribute. There is a resonance we are attuned to, when we stand on the spot where people left their mark - their testimony.


  2. That sure is a thing of beauty and very lovely it is I thinks. Tis. Yup.

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