Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Ringing and a-Creaking

The mid-17th century funeral bier, with folding handles

We Ragged Ramblers like to explore the 'meaning' of places in a multi-sensory manner. For us, an important - and under-explored! - part of the ambience of a church is its soundscape. Why! If we could bring you scratch-and-sniff history, we most certainly would. However, due to the wonders of iPhones and Audioboo, we are able to share some 'churchy' sounds with you here. 

Thus, the following link features the sound of a bell being rung at Old Buckenham church, followed by the creaky handle of a mid-seventeenth century funeral bier as it swings freely...

A Ringing and a-Creaking

As you will no doubt appreciate, this 'piece' involved some complex choreographing - a whole world of bizarre hand-signals and stopwatches and so forth. We hope you feel it was worth the effort...

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