Saturday, 21 July 2012

Harris Tweed Skies & Fly's Eye Visions

Members of The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers have a number of means of lifting their spirits. Foremost among these is a good flask of steaming tea, poured with the lid fully removed (it is, after all, an unspeakable aberration to pour tea with a loosened lid, through slots!). Another key element is a grand slice of lovely, crumbly cake - ratherer! However, there are other devices we use to raise our spirits. These include the Society 'Tie-dye' spectacles (see above). Upon donning these... poo poos..., the wearer perceives an apparition of cruciform church cakes resplendent beneath an Harris tweed sky... hmm, visually scrumptious...

And then there is the Society kaleidoscope. Put this little wonder to one's eye and a whole world of abstract beauty ensues. What a swirl of colour and pattern; what a fly's eye of shifting shapes and shimmering shades. What a weave of wonder!


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  1. I remember seeing Bulwer- Rant out of his tree on Kaleidoscope once. The Contributions Secretary laughed so much she went down on all fours and brayed like a donkey whilst tea spurted out of her nose!