Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pasties and The Panopticon...

What sort of people devote their lives to finding out about the food consumed by members of The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers?
The Antiquarian Food Surveillance Institute (AFSI), that's who!

What would drive otherwise intelligent human beings to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of such a thing? 
Crumbs! Isn't everyone interested in this sort of stuff?

Is there any possibility poo poos that this is merely the manifestation of some profoundly complicated psychosis exhibited by the author of this piece?

Click HERE for their latest surveillance report


  1. It is disturbing to me to hear that some Ragged Ramblers are no longer 'packing a lunch'. Preferring instead to purchase food on route and heated food at that. In my day we always made our own sandwiches. Even during the dark days of the war when food was scarce we always managed some powdered egg on a bit of shoe leather and a tunnocks tea cake split four ways.

  2. Please note: The Ragged Ramblers site's security has been compromised and we are currently experiencing an outbreak of poo poos. We believe this to be an online attack by Stiff Herberts who fear our unique approach to heritage. However, rest assured, we remain... poo poos... undaunted and shall continue to resist staid, earnest & sanitised 'Chocolate Box' interpretations of things old and wonderful.